Photographic competition-picture postcard from winter vacations


Terms and conditions of the Hotel Crocus photographic competition. I general terms: 1. The goal of the competition is presentation of an interesting landscape, original places where you have spent time during the family winter holidays, funny situations, presenting people, and events, and to evolve photographic abilities. 2. The organizer of the competition “I’ve got an idea for fine winter holidays… do you?” (Named later Competition) is the Hotel Crocus**** in Zakopane, Chalubinskiego st. 40 3. The subject of the competition is the presentation of an interesting landscape, original places where you have spent family winter holidays, funny situations, presenting people, and events 4. The competition is open to anyone, and free of charge 5. Organizer Hotel Crocus**** doesn’t send the pictures back 6. Sending works to the competition means acceptation of it’s’ conditions, described in the terms and conditions II principles of participation: To take part in the competition, you have to: -like us on the Facebook -to share the competition page on your Facebook -send a picture (digital record, min. 1-3 MB), depicting an interesting landscape, funny situation, presenting people, and events to [email protected] -present authors’ personal details: name, surname, address for mailing, contact number. 2. Every participant can send just one photo 3. Sending photos to the competition is made via e-mail only, in terms Feb. 12-29 2016. Answers sent later, or in a different way, or not complying with the terms and conditions, don’t take part in the competition 4. The photos cannot contain any advertisements, cannot be bad publicity, and cannot breach the image of the organizer 5. The declaration of the results of the competition will be on March 04 2016. The chosen and winning results will be published on the hotels’ Facebook in the bookmark “picture post card from the winter holidays”. The winner of the competition will be informed by the organizer about the award via E-mail 6. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be verified. 7. The organizers’ employees, and their family members cannot take part in the competition 8. Sending photos to the competition is equal to declaring that the individual, who had sent it, is the photos’ author, and accepts charges of any kind, connected with the photo sent, which third parties might be pressing against the organizers of the competition; the issues, connected with the image of the organizer were settled with the individuals depicted, and the individuals depicted, have given their consent to be published, for purposes, described in the rules and conditions to. 9. The individual, participating in the competition gives his consent for use of the photos by the organizer of the competition for promotion purposes in any time and way, free of charge. Pictures can be graphically processed. 10. The organizer reserves the right to remove the texts, and photos, commonly considered as insulting, and breaching the rights of the third parties, or the Polish law, with pornographic content, or obviously offending the religious feelings 11. The participant gives his consent to process his personal details for purposes of the competition and handling the rewards, in accordance with the Legislation dated aug.29 1997 concerning the protection of the personal data; full text:Dz.U. z 2002. Nr 101, poz 926 ze zm. 12. The organizer has a following award: best photo -2 night accommodation in de Lux suite for two adults and two kids in the Crocus Hotel****. Two multimedia albums “Zakopane” and a branded mug III final statements 1. The organizers reserve the right of changing the rules and conditions of in case there are legal changes, or any other substantial changes, having impact on the competition 2. The competition isn’t a subject of the legislation jul.29 1992 about games and mutual bets (Dz.U.2004, Nr4, pot 27, z 3. The terms and conditions herein, come into life on the competition starting day, and are in effect to the time of its’ ending
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