National Heritage Institute- Conference oct. 15-16 2015 Zakopane


The exercises will take place on Oct. 15-16 2015 in the Crocus Hotel Zakopane We provide the training materials, and food during the exercises’ coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and dinner on Oct. 15-16 2015. Participation is free of charge.
GOOD PRACTISES IN THE NON-MATERIAL CULTURAL HERITAGE PROTECTION IN ACCORDANCE TO THE UNESCO 2003 CONVENCE WITH REGARD TO SELECTED ACTIONS FROM THE AREA OF POLAND The meeting is targeted to non-governmental institutions, cultural institutions, local authorities, and individuals, connected with the non-material heritage, and its’ protection on Oct. 15-16 2015 Zakopane, Hotel Crocus PROGRAM OF THE EXERCISES THURSDAY, oct.15 2015 9:00-10:00-registration of the participants 10:00-10:30-greeting of the participants: mayor of Zakopane-Leszek Dorula, vice director of the NID-Mariusz Czuba 10:30-11:30 introductory session 10:30-10:50-Katarzyna Sadowska-Mazur, NID. Introduction in the subject of the non-material cultural heritage, and several words concerning it’s’ protection. 10:50-11:10-JULIA Wlodarczyk, NID. The best practices of the non-material cultural heritage protection in accordance with the UNESCO 2003 convention conception 11:10-11:30=Dr.Katarzyna Smyk, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. Introduction into the problem of the list of the polish good practices of the non-material cultural heritage protection 11:30-12:00-Coffe break 12:00-14:00 Good practices in the practices’ hands 12:00-12:15 Bozena Pawlina-Maksymiuk. Dying professions-tradition and nowadays. 12:15-12:30-Paulina Adamska-Malesza the Serfent Association –from field research to basket making as a product 12:30-12:45 Robert Garstka Field research in the Dabrowa basin area. The unknown region. 12:45-13:00- Maciej Zurek. About the old music nowadays, and the nature of treasure search in close neighborhood, or about the non-animation action strategy in the local environment 13:00-13:15 priest Krzysztof Ordziniak. The power of worship, tradition, faith-the indulgence ceremony in honor of st.Roch, joined with the animal blessing ritual 13:15-13-30 Ewa Grochowska Schools of tradition-several notes about the communitiwity, music and culture of links 13:30-14:00-discussion 14:00-15:30 lunch break 15:30-15:50Malgorzata Wonuczka-Wnuk, Podhale people union, Zakopane division. Would the non-material cultural heritage of the Podhale perish? Attempt of analyzing of the internal and external threats 15:50-16:10- Piotr Kohut, Foundation of the Trans human traditional pastoral in the Carpathian mountains-challenges of preservation of the pastoral cultural heritage in the modern period 16:10-16:30 – Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka, Tatra cultural and sport center “Jutrzenka”. Inter-generational traditional culture transfer 16:30-16:50-Maciej Stasinski. Informational service of the Podhale WATRA Audiovisual documentary of the folk culture 16:50-17:10-Dr. Anna Miedkolaj, and Dr. Barbara Zgama Podhale High Vocational College in Nowy Targ. Theoretical, and practical assumption of the preparation of regionalist teachers (on examples postgraduate studies cultural heritage of the subtatran region, conducted in PPWSZ in Nowy Targ) 17:10-17:40 discussion 17:40-18:00 highlanders’ band performance 19:00-21:00-dinner with attractions in the hotel Crocus FRIDAY DEC.16 2015 9:30-9:30-Introductory session Julia Wlodarczyk, Katarzyna Sadowska-Mazur, National Heritage Institute How to protect non-material heritage effectively 9:30-12:00 Group workshops Identification, cataloguing, and documentation of the non-material heritage Group I, identification Ms. Adamska-Malesza. Group II, examining: A. Przybyla-Dumin Group III, cataloguing: M.Jaszczolt Group IV enhancing and passing: M.Zurek group V, preserving and protecting: M. Kwiecinska Group VI formal education: B.Zgama Group VII promoting: A.Jandura 12:00-13:00 lunch break 13:00-15:00- group workshops. Presentation of the results of particular groups 14:30-15:00 discussion and summary of the workshops. 15:00 WORKSZOP ENDING The workshops’ location Hotel Crocus**** Chalubinskiego st. 40 34-500 Zakopane Reception +48 182 026 500, +48 182 026 502 [email protected]
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