menu a'la carte


Pink herring marinated in chanterelle and “oscypek” cheese with gingerbread and beetroot mayonnaise

- 29zl -

Beef fillet tartar steak with boletus mushrooms, and egg mousse

- 40zl -

Deer fillet Carpaccio served with forest fruit coulis, confit porcini mushrooms, and rocket lettuce

- 48zl -


Caesar salad with chicken, bacon, parmesan, and croutons

- 29zl -

Caesar salad with shrimps, parmesan, and croutons

- 29zl -

Rocket lettuce in onion marmalade, with mozzarella, and pine nuts

- 22zl -


“Krupnik”-buckwheat soup, with nettle, smoked bacon, and egg yolk 63®C

- 14zl -

Thai soup with the flavor of ginger, lemongrass, and with grilled chicken

- 25zl -

Fish soup with salmon, cod & mussels

- 32zl -

Main courses

Fillet of angler, served with black beans, chow main noodles, and compressed cucumber

- 72zl -

Female duck breast sous vide, served with couscous, apples, and figs

- 56zl -

Fried scampi, with polish garlic, and chili paste, sautéed in white wine with addition of cold butter

- 69zl -

Beef fillet steak, served with gratin potatoes, grilled vegetables, artichokes, and parmesan

- 74zl -

Guinea fowl breast on bed of mushroom kaszotto (risotto style buckwheat cereal), served with leaf cabbage, and confit onions

- 42zl -


Chocolate soufflé with pineapple&basil sorbet

- 22zl -

Burned butter ice cream with crushed nuts

- 16zl -

Lavender flavored Crème Brule with caramelized brown sugar

- 19zl -

Polish goat cheese with fig mustard and pear marmalade

- 38zl -

highlanders' menu


Grilled regional cheese, served with cranberry coulis

- 19zl -

Moskol (regional potato pancake) with chanterelle sauce

- 21zl -


Podhale style Zurek (traditional sour creamy soup), with homemade white sausage

- 14zl -

Kwasnica (sour croute soup), on mutton stock, with croutons, and sheep cheese

- 14zl -

Homemade chicken noodle soup, with chunks of chicken

- 17zl -

Main courses

Mountain river trout, grilled in whole, served with new potatoes, and gherkins

- 32zl -

Juhas (Sheppard) chop-pork chop with regional cheese, and bacon, served with potatoes, stir-fried with sheep cheese, and sour croute

- 33zl -

Zbojnik (robber) style pie-potato pancake with beef stew, sour cream, gherkin, and regional cheese

- 35zl -

Goose leg confit, served with cranberry stuffed dumplings, and red cabbage puree with cherries

- 44zl -

Rack of lamb, marinated in highlander miodula (honey flavored liqueur), on bed of lentils, and beans, with cabbage, and forest mushrooms

- 63zl -


Menu-dinners around the world


Zurek (traditional sour creamy soup) old polish style

Zurek (traditional sour creamy soup) old polish style

apple pie with vanilla ice cream


minestrone soup

gnocchi baked with chicken, spinach, shrimps,and parmesan



Kwasnica (sour croute soup), cooked on mutton stock

Grilled pork loin, with bacon, and oscypek cheese, served with sour croute, and potato puree

Apple, baked with cinnamon, prune, and vanilla sauce


Cream of cheese soup

Veal goulash with creamy mushroom sauce, rosti pie and broccoli

Chocolate fondue with fruit


Mushroom soup naked with puff pastry

Salmon fillet served with gratin dauphinois and broccoli

Crème Brule


Hungarian fish soup Halaszle

Lamb frikadeller served with chickpeas in tomato sauce and fried courgettes

Cold cheese cake with biscuit, peach mousse and pomegranate


Oriental bullion with von ton pies

Yakisoba-fried noodles with pork fillet, shrimps, and wok vegetables

Coconut rice with mango mousse

Kids Menu


Homemade chicken noodle soup

- 8zl -

Tomato soup with rice

- 8zl -

Main courses

Chicken nuggets or fish fingers

- 15zl -

Potato pancakes

- 12zl -

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

- 15zl -


- 6zl -

Spadolini fries with cheese

- 8zl -

Margherita pizza with two additional toppings

- 25zl -


- 14zl -


Carrot or cucumber salad

- 7zl -


Pancakes with cheese or seasonal fruits

- 14zl -

Pancakes with apples or nutella

- 12zl -

Ice cream with fruits and whipped cream

- 12zl -

Seasonal menu - Retro & Fusion


Grilled halloumi cheese Strawberries/wild celery/cashew

- 23zl -


Salmon Carpaccio Dock/passion fruit/capers

- 29zl -


Lithuanian cold beetroot soup Sheep cheese (bryndza)/egg

- 13zl -

Main courses

Veal tongue Baby carrots/beans/cauliflower/sauce béarnaise

- 39zl -


Viola flavored ice cream/beignet

- 16zl -
   Dish available in gluten-free version
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